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New Live Video – Er Am Stein

  Deutsche Sprache, schwere Sprache. Oscar Wild said: life is too short to learn German. TulaTroubles say: it is difficult, in German to rhyme, because you always the verb at the end put must. Lyrics &Music by Haykel Ben Nasr Arrangement by Burak Kılıçkıran Live @ StuStaculum 2016 – Munich

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TulaTroubles for Europe

Fr. May 5th 18:00:  TulaTroubles in the wonderful scenery  of Marienplatz to scream once more NO to divisions and YES to united Europe! We’ll be on stage with many special guests and an ad-hoc program to celebrate diversity, including: – The Latin songs of the Cuba Troubles session: Compañero Obama and Amanecer – Songs in

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