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New York, New Song: In The Big City

  Yes, we don’t find many gentle words for the USA in Haykel’s songs. Until now. But everyone can change his mind, everyone can changer d’idée. So, the beauty – and the contrasts – of a city like New York made the magic. Haykel was so fascinated by the Big Apple, that he came back

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Where to find us – a summer long!

Here they are, our gigs for the summer 2016! From the end of May to the middle of September, the high season of open-air concerts awaits us! We’ll start at home, coming back after 3 years to our favorite venue: Stustaculum, on May 26th (Fronleichnam). It will be a great ska night

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Da Capo Kollektiv – Bomb

Munich has got a unique ska&reggae community! The bands in the town regularly cooperate to create events and projects (such as the festival Offbeat Offensive and the project Pluma Negra in 2014). Now it’s time for this new joint venture called Da Capo Kollektiv. TulaTroubles played an important role with our Haykel composing the

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Thank you all for having allowed us to reach the 1000+1 followers on our Facebook Page! The last likes came from the best possible place: Studentenstadt, where everything began. 1000 Likes for us, 1000 THANKS FOR YOU!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! MERCI! GRAZIE MILLE! teşekkürler ! TAUSEND DANKE!  
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