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06 Jul 2024 Großglattbach, BW Glabbicher Open Air Glabbicher Open Air free
11 Jul 2024 München Import/Export - support La Fanfarria del Capitan Import/Export - support La Fanfarria del Capitan Buy ticket - VVK €15
13 Jul 2024 Markt Indersdorf, BAY Glonntal Festival Glonntal Festival free
31 Aug 2024 Schweinfurt Stadtfest Stadtfest free
07 Sep 2024 München Isarinselfest Isarinselfest free
12 Oct 2024 München Muffathalle Muffathalle free

Spring-Summer 2024: Here are the dates!

Sommermärchen is back in Germany! And every fable has its wolf, so TulaTroubles will be the “Lupus in Fabula” of your summer! In Spring we are heading for the first time to Italy for the 1st May celebration in Bozen (Südtirol)! Mi raccomando non mancate! In July we will be back

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