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François Neveu France

LEAD VOCALSfrancois_profile

♫ Chanson, Progressive Metal

People say his voice is like French fries: hot and crispy outside, but so tender inside. François would actually prefer to play guitar, drums or cello – but he is not allowed since he is the only singer in the band. He strongly believes that any word of any foreign language, if properly pronounced, can be interpreted as a French bad word.


Haykel “Hirkoul” Ben Nasr  


♫ Dub, Balkan

Band founder and philosopher – and composer of most songs. His Manu Chao soul feels trapped in a wrong body of a Software Engineer in which he was born.


Burak Kiliçkiran tr burak_profile


♫ Metal, World Music

Our loved guitar hero. His life changed the day he heard The Unforgiven for the first time.


Alessio “Libero” it alessio_profile


♫  Latin, Classic

Libero may not agree with what Haykel has to say,
but he’ll defend to the death Haykel’s right to discuss it.
With somebody else.


“L’Orenzo” Cairo it  


♫ Rock ‘n’ Roll, Ska

(aka: O’Renzo, formerly Lorenzo)
The nerd one. “Everybody here is insane, but L’Orenzo and me” is what all other members say about him.


“L’Olivier” Provoost Belgium L'Olivienzo _Crop


♫ Chanson, Jazz

L’Olivier has all qualities a bassist should have: calm, precise, and big enough to be seen from the back of the stage. The only way to let him loose patience is to confuse France with Belgium, or L’Orenzo with him.


Ivo “Chivito De La Pampa” Marquart Panama Switzerland 

VOCALS (Formerly bass, Guitar)Tula Release-135

♫ Reggae, Funky

True globetrotter. Born in Panama, Swiss citizen, Chivito never really lived in neither of the two countries and is not even able to say which is his mother-tongue. His own YouTube channel  collects hundreds of thousands of views, but his popularity is mostly related to his studies about medicinal benefits of zwieback.


Former and Off-Stage Members:IMGP4996

Engin “NeGo” Gümüsel tr (Keyboard, Bass, 2009-2017) – Aleksandar Stojcic   (Drums, 2014-2017) – Max Goda de (Drums, 2011-2014) –  André Marques Brazil (Bass, 2007-2012) – Joao Costa pt (Keyboard, 2009-2010) – Simon Villegas bo (Drums, 2008-2011) – Emre Sözer tr (Guitar, 2006-2009) – Cindy us (Violin, 2006) – Christian pt (Bass, 2006) – Flo de au (Drums, 2006-2008) – Kei jp (Drums, 2006) – Lucas Imbiriba Brazil (Guitar, 2009) –  Tom de (Best Friend, 2006-still counting)