“Rapper rappen… Rocker rocken… Und so kam ich auf die Idee, einen Pop-Song zu schreiben” (fak. cit. Ivo)

I was walking down the street
When I saw this lady amidst the heat
She winked at me, I winked back
This whole sensation is just out of whack

I don’t care, I don’t mind
When the woman look at me
I don’t know, I can’t see
When the woman look at me

They just wanna go
Boing! Boing! Boing!
They just wanna go
Boing! Boing! Boing!

Further down, I encountered
Something that made me feel cured
What it was I can’t tell
It’s a secret I cannot sell

About the jealousy I can’t do anything
All the other guys want to be my left and right wing
A magnetic force I got attracting the ladies
And if they ask me on a date I must just say maybe

But I can’t just do anything I want to do
And the fact that they want me is by far true
I say hello and I kiss their cheek they lose their mind
The next thing you know we’re all sharing an argentine wine

But don’t bother waiting
Cause I got sad news for you
Don’t be mistaken
Cause I’m already taken

Down the street was Dalai Lama
And by his side was a hot sexy mamma
Dalai Lama, there is no way out
The chicks they spot us and they go round and round

Lyrics & Music by Ivo Marquart a.k.a. Chivito
Voice: François
Arrangement by TulaTroubles
Recorded and mixed by Michael Simmer