L’Albatros (2015)

Title : L'Albatros
Release Date : 13. June, 2015

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Recorded and mixed by Geri Feretti
With the precious artwork of Rabeb Taga

1. L’albatros
2. Les dimanches
3. Darwin
4. Mandalos a la mierda
5. Monkey
6. Le rendez-vous
7. Marie J
8. Le mode d’emploi
9. La contingence de la malchance

L’Albatros (2015)


Lead Vocals: François Neveu
Guitar, Vocals: Haykel Ben Nasr
Lead Guitar: Burak Kılıçkıran
Trumpet, Vocals: Alessio Librandi
Saxophone: Lorenzo Cairo
Bass, Vocals: Engin Gumusel
Drums: Aleksandar Stojcic, Max Goda


Piano (6,9): Joao Costa
Chor (1,3,4,8): Ivo Marquart, Geri Feretti
Bombardino (1,2,3,5,6,9): Dr. Hornsten (Rapid)
Violin (1,3,9): Thomas Pfrommer
Keyboard (3,6,7): Deniz Dizdar
Percussions (7,8): Philip Wienand

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9: Lyrics & Music by Haykel Ben Nasr
Track 5: Lyrics by Cindy Brown & Haykel Ben Nasr, Music by Haykel Ben Nasr
Arrangements: Engin Gumusel, Burak Kılıçkıran, Alessio Librandi and TulaTroubles
Also contributed to this project: Joao Costa and Emre Sözer

All songs are free and can be copied, shared, uploaded and downloaded at any time (commercial purpose excluded).
The money paid for this CD has to be considered as a voluntary donation to sustain alternative music.

 Recorded and mixed by Geri Feretti
Artwork by Rabeb Taga