After the sold-out release party in ImportExport, here it is: our new album!

KAPUTT MUNDI, the third studio-work of TulaTroubles, the first one with the voice of Mery Diaz Serrano. 12 Songs building a backwards-travel through life.

Recorded in La Masia Studio in Barcelona (ESP), with the joyful artwork by Ercan Tuna.

The travel of KAPUTT MUNDI starts back from the teachings at school (L’Ecole) and the building of an own personality (Changeer d’Idées), with the related psychological difficulties (Selde Hapsolmuşuz). And then the emigration (Reboot Babylon) – in our case, to Germany (Er Am Stein). Getting used to a new neighborhood (Les Consolations), finding and losing love, getting married, having children (Amar, Amanecer, Perséphone). The midlife crisis (Á 40 ans) and the only certainty in what still has to come (La Mort).TulaTroubles started working on the project KAPUTT MUNDI just after the new vocal Mery joined the band in 2019, but because of the pandemics it could be released only in October 2022.

Album Release KAPUTT MUNDI on Oct.15th 2022

KAPUTT MUNDI – Unsere Album Release Party am 15. Oktober!

Endlich ist unser drittes Album KAPUTT MUNDI fertig! Und wir sind so stolz darauf! Mehr als wir uns vorstellen können!

Den Release möchten wir gemeinsam mit euch feiern, bei dem die großartige Band ESKISES mit ihrer Live-Musikshow uns unterstützen wird.

Auch unsere Freunde und ehemaligen Mitglieder werden für einen Abend voller Überraschungen auf der Bühne stehen!

Special Guests: STRAY COLORS und ESKISES

Wir sehen uns alle am Samstag, 15.10.2022, im Import&Export – Schwere Reiter Str. 2h

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KAPUTT MUNDI Release Party

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10 Years La Bière – Una Cerveza Por Favor!


The professor smiled and said, “The beer just shows that no matter how full your life may be, there’s always room for a couple of beers with a friend!”

For this reason, since 2008, TulaTroubles end every concert with this song. Because it doesn’t matter how late it is, there’s always time for one more beer. We celebrate the 10th anniversary of the song with this live video!

Live Audio from Stustaculum 2016 – Mixed by Geri Feretti

Fr. May 5th 18:00:  TulaTroubles in the wonderful scenery  of Marienplatz to scream once more NO to divisions and YES to united Europe!
We’ll be on stage with many special guests and an ad-hoc program to celebrate diversity, including:
– The Latin songs of the Cuba Troubles session: Compañero Obama and Amanecer
Songs in Arabic and Turkish including the new song Selde Hapsolmuşuz
– Our old pieces revisited into English and Spanish
and much more.




New York, New Song: In The Big City



Yes, we don’t find many gentle words for the USA in Haykel’s songs. Until now.
But everyone can change his mind, everyone can changer d’idée. So, the beauty – and the contrasts – of a city like New York made the magic.
Haykel was so fascinated by the Big Apple, that he came back with a brand new song dedicated to “the city that never sleeps”.

We’ll present the new song on next Saturday, Oct. 1st, in Munich IMPORT-EXPORT, for Open the Gates vol.2 with Shanti Powa Orchestra & Tula Troubles .
See you there!
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