Spring-Summer 2024: Here are the dates!

Sommermärchen is back in Germany! And every fable has its wolf, so TulaTroubles will be the “Lupus in Fabula” of your summer!

In Spring we are heading for the first time to Italy for the 1st May celebration in Bozen (Südtirol)! Mi raccomando non mancate! In July we will be back to Glabbicher Open Air, five years after our unforgettable first time there.

More dates are coming! Stay tuned!


11Jul2024  München Import/Export – support La Fanfarria del Capitan Buy ticket – VVK €15
07Sep2024  München Isarinselfest

Our DACH & Alps Tour 2023!

Our DACH Tour 2023 through the Alps is underway!
We are so happy to meet new friends in Austria and Switzerland!

21Dec2023  München Backstage (Mark Foggo Support)
08Dec2023  München Märchenbazar @Olympiapark Süd
16Sep2023  Poing Jugendzentrum – Lange Nacht der Musik
13Aug2023  Wernetshausen, Hinwil, CH Looren Open Air
05Aug2023  Regensburg REWAG-Nacht in Blau
25Jul2023  Erding Sinnflut Festival
23Jul2023  Edlischwil, CH Paleggo Festival
20Jul2023  München Firmenfeier (Private Veranstaltung)
08Jul2023  Fürstenfeldbruck Brucker Kulturnacht
07Jul2023  München Import/Export
02Jul2023  München Haidhauser Kultursonntag
24Jun2023  Dießen am Ammersee Kultur am See 2023
03Jun2023  Buch, AUT Zommkemma Festival
30Apr2023  Forchheim Junges Theater Forchheim
24Mar2023  Biberach / Riss Altes Haus
14Jan2023  München Lost Weekend

After the sold-out release party in ImportExport, here it is: our new album!

KAPUTT MUNDI, the third studio-work of TulaTroubles, the first one with the voice of Mery Diaz Serrano. 12 Songs building a backwards-travel through life.

Recorded in La Masia Studio in Barcelona (ESP), with the joyful artwork by Ercan Tuna.

The travel of KAPUTT MUNDI starts back from the teachings at school (L’Ecole) and the building of an own personality (Changeer d’Idées), with the related psychological difficulties (Selde Hapsolmuşuz). And then the emigration (Reboot Babylon) – in our case, to Germany (Er Am Stein). Getting used to a new neighborhood (Les Consolations), finding and losing love, getting married, having children (Amar, Amanecer, Perséphone). The midlife crisis (Á 40 ans) and the only certainty in what still has to come (La Mort).TulaTroubles started working on the project KAPUTT MUNDI just after the new vocal Mery joined the band in 2019, but because of the pandemics it could be released only in October 2022.

Album Release KAPUTT MUNDI on Oct.15th 2022

KAPUTT MUNDI – Unsere Album Release Party am 15. Oktober!

Endlich ist unser drittes Album KAPUTT MUNDI fertig! Und wir sind so stolz darauf! Mehr als wir uns vorstellen können!

Den Release möchten wir gemeinsam mit euch feiern, bei dem die großartige Band ESKISES mit ihrer Live-Musikshow uns unterstützen wird.

Auch unsere Freunde und ehemaligen Mitglieder werden für einen Abend voller Überraschungen auf der Bühne stehen!

Special Guests: STRAY COLORS und ESKISES

Wir sehen uns alle am Samstag, 15.10.2022, im Import&Export – Schwere Reiter Str. 2h

More info:

KAPUTT MUNDI Release Party

Eintrittskarten bei https://midmen.eu/?p=1316

###Our Dates 2022###

Sorry for the delay –  this time it’s for real: TulaTroubles are back!

Follow us through the Spring-Summer 2022.  All details in the Gig Section


18.3 Kulturlieferdienst – München Aubing

16.4 Diobar – Barcelona (Spain)

7.5 Lange Nacht der Musik – München

13.5  Alte Utting – München

7.5 Muffathalle (Geschloßene Veranstaltung)

1.7 LMU Uni Sommerfest

9.7 Lindau – Stadtfest

23.7 World Music Festival – Willingshausen-Loshausen 

17.9 Weißes Roß – Immeldorf-

15.10 München (venue to be announced)

+++Our Dates 2020+++

Our plan for the season 2020 is done! And here are our dates.

More details in the Gig Section or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tours/178466306732688/

15.2 Marienplatz  (München) – Sicherheitskonferenz Demo

29.2 Immeldorf – Weißes Roß

13.3 Glockenbachwerkstatt (München) – Radio Minga

27.3 Biberach – Altes Haus

18.4 Alte Utting (München)

11.7 Lindau – Stadtfest

18.7 Diessen am Ammersee – Kultur am See

8.8 Füssen – Stadtfest

9.8 Wetzikon (CH) – Schlauer Bauer OpenAir

5.9 Bercelona (ESP)

26.9 Viechtach – Altes Spital

Francois says “Au revoir” – Tulas say “Merci!”

So, here we are.

After more than 10 years, and almost 150 concerts together, the musical paths of Francois and TulaTroubles will separate.

What can we say? We met when he wasn’t yet 20 years old, now he is a man in his thirties (an AWESOME man, and VERY FIT, like you can see HERE) . We spent the best time of our lives together, we learned German together (ok, maybe not the best idea), we learned a lot of other things together, and most of all: WE HAD LOTS OF FUN. We are so grateful and honored of everything he gave us! But time changes things, and it can be difficult to keep “reinventing” ourselves again and again. And 10 years are probably a good point to make a cut.

Here are the goodbye-words of Francois:

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Dear Tulas

Dear Tula Troubles community,

It is never easy to take a decision to move on with your life and leave behind a big chunk of what made you who you are today.

As some of you might have already noticed or heard, I decided to leave the band after almost 10 years of lead singing.
Those 10 years were full of surprises, life-changing decisions and experiences. Some of you recognized that I took big turns and changed my path and mindset quite a lot. Unfortunately, my life expectations took a direction that doesn’t fit with Tula Troubles musical journey anymore.

It has always been an absolute pleasure to share so many great experiences with each of the Tulas and they all deserve a lot more. I will always be grateful for what this adventure brought me and how it made me who I am today.

I want to thank all of you for your kind words and trust over the years. If you want to keep in touch, feel free to follow me on social media and see what I’m up to.

Thank you all,

Lots of xoxo

One thing is sure

But one thing is sure: one can leave a band, but no one can leave a family! Like for other historical ex-Tulas, such as Engin “NeGo” and Ivo “Chivito” Marquart, we will stay friends, keep in touch – and we promise to have some “revival” concert together from time to time (like the one on Aug 28th in Landshut,  with both Francois and Engin).

Francois will be our first fan, and we will be the biggest fans of his solo projects. You can follow him on facebookon instagram, and on his web page.


What happens now?

The question is: is it possible to replace Francois? We think it’s not. For this reason we decided to try with something new, instead of looking for a “replacement”.

So, in this summer 2019, a frontwoman is leading us on the stage. She has a metal background, comes from Spain, and is no native French-speaker. This means that we are adapting our songs, our texts, and the way we perform. But we think that the work is worth it, so far.

We think that she – Mery “Rockarebel” – is a true force of the nature, with an incredible power, and we are looking forward to performing with her in Munich city center  –  in a double-date on September 6th + 7th.

Keep on rockin’!

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