+++Our Dates 2020+++

Our plan for the season 2020 is done! And here are our dates.

More details in the Gig Section or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tours/178466306732688/

15.2 Marienplatz  (München) – Sicherheitskonferenz Demo

29.2 Immeldorf – Weißes Roß

13.3 Glockenbachwerkstatt (München) – Radio Minga

27.3 Biberach – Altes Haus

18.4 Alte Utting (München)

11.7 Lindau – Stadtfest

18.7 Diessen am Ammersee – Kultur am See

8.8 Füssen – Stadtfest

9.8 Wetzikon (CH) – Schlauer Bauer OpenAir

5.9 Bercelona (ESP)

26.9 Viechtach – Altes Spital

Francois says “Au revoir” – Tulas say “Merci!”

So, here we are.

After more than 10 years, and almost 150 concerts together, the musical paths of Francois and TulaTroubles will separate.

What can we say? We met when he wasn’t yet 20 years old, now he is a man in his thirties (an AWESOME man, and VERY FIT, like you can see HERE) . We spent the best time of our lives together, we learned German together (ok, maybe not the best idea), we learned a lot of other things together, and most of all: WE HAD LOTS OF FUN. We are so grateful and honored of everything he gave us! But time changes things, and it can be difficult to keep “reinventing” ourselves again and again. And 10 years are probably a good point to make a cut.

Here are the goodbye-words of Francois:

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Dear Tulas

Dear Tula Troubles community,

It is never easy to take a decision to move on with your life and leave behind a big chunk of what made you who you are today.

As some of you might have already noticed or heard, I decided to leave the band after almost 10 years of lead singing.
Those 10 years were full of surprises, life-changing decisions and experiences. Some of you recognized that I took big turns and changed my path and mindset quite a lot. Unfortunately, my life expectations took a direction that doesn’t fit with Tula Troubles musical journey anymore.

It has always been an absolute pleasure to share so many great experiences with each of the Tulas and they all deserve a lot more. I will always be grateful for what this adventure brought me and how it made me who I am today.

I want to thank all of you for your kind words and trust over the years. If you want to keep in touch, feel free to follow me on social media and see what I’m up to.

Thank you all,

Lots of xoxo

One thing is sure

But one thing is sure: one can leave a band, but no one can leave a family! Like for other historical ex-Tulas, such as Engin “NeGo” and Ivo “Chivito” Marquart, we will stay friends, keep in touch – and we promise to have some “revival” concert together from time to time (like the one on Aug 28th in Landshut,  with both Francois and Engin).

Francois will be our first fan, and we will be the biggest fans of his solo projects. You can follow him on facebookon instagram, and on his web page.


What happens now?

The question is: is it possible to replace Francois? We think it’s not. For this reason we decided to try with something new, instead of looking for a “replacement”.

So, in this summer 2019, a frontwoman is leading us on the stage. She has a metal background, comes from Spain, and is no native French-speaker. This means that we are adapting our songs, our texts, and the way we perform. But we think that the work is worth it, so far.

We think that she – Mery “Rockarebel” – is a true force of the nature, with an incredible power, and we are looking forward to performing with her in Munich city center  –  in a double-date on September 6th + 7th.

Keep on rockin’!

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Summer ’18 – join l’anniversaire – 10 years of Tula!

2008-2018 – Ten years of TulaTroubles must be celebrated doing what we like the most: being on stage for you! With new power – since the Tula Family will grow to up to 10 members –  and brand new songs, such as Reboot Babylon, Perséphone and Les Consolations, in addition to the three we presented last winter (Amanecer, Compañero Obama and Selde Hapsolmuşuz). It sounds like a new album is coming, doesn’t it?

Check here all updates about our gigs in the summer of 2018!

Here just some highlights:

10.05 Offbeat Offensive – 
 Since 2013, this is the best place to listen to Ska and Reggae in Munich. In this edition, together with the founders TulaTrobles, Rapid and Troubadix Rache, also Sentilo Sono and SKATAPULT from Wien. Contact us and get your ticket!

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30.05 StuStaculum – Where everything began: surely the best place to celebrate. TulaTroubles will be headliner of the opening day (21:30)

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01.05 and 02.10: two times in Feierwerk Munich, for the festivals Laut.Stark and Rage Against Abschiebung

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07.07: TulaTroubles celebrating the Frankreichfest in Düsseldorf


See you there!


10 Years La Bière – Una Cerveza Por Favor!


The professor smiled and said, “The beer just shows that no matter how full your life may be, there’s always room for a couple of beers with a friend!”

For this reason, since 2008, TulaTroubles end every concert with this song. Because it doesn’t matter how late it is, there’s always time for one more beer. We celebrate the 10th anniversary of the song with this live video!

Live Audio from Stustaculum 2016 – Mixed by Geri Feretti

Fr. May 5th 18:00:  TulaTroubles in the wonderful scenery  of Marienplatz to scream once more NO to divisions and YES to united Europe!
We’ll be on stage with many special guests and an ad-hoc program to celebrate diversity, including:
– The Latin songs of the Cuba Troubles session: Compañero Obama and Amanecer
Songs in Arabic and Turkish including the new song Selde Hapsolmuşuz
– Our old pieces revisited into English and Spanish
and much more.